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CORPORATE LEGAL-COURIER is a locally owned, professionally managed and staffed attorney/messenger service with a history of phenomenal growth in the rapidly changing Los Angeles legal community.

CLC's success has been due, in large part, to unfailing commitment to provide service to lawyers geared to their needs and not its own needs. CLC's radical new approach has shattered forever the perception of the attorney/messenger services as a tradition bound, inflexible industry whose work schedules simply do not fit those of today's fast paced, supercharged law firms.

CLC's managerial staff is made up of highly skilled, motivated professionals with an accumulative fund of experience unequaled in the attorney/messenger service field. Former owners, partners, and other executives of attorney/messenger services as well as veteran support staff make up this experienced team. The average length of employment for our CORPORATE LEGAL-COURIER office staff is over twelve years each. Experience, plus a commitment to customer service is what makes us a leader in the legal support industry. Coupled with our competitive rates, customer satisfaction and competent professional employees, Corporate Legal Courier is unbeatable!


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